The Flying Dutchman

I had this idea of a picture of a pirate ship coming out of the fog, the following is a small picture documentary about what I did to realize the imagination.

First I started looking for a ship I could use and decided this was the right one, I fell in love with the torn sail and also the size was just right, so I returned home with my new purchase.

Often I have  heard photographers praise how cheap it is with digital photography they don't have to pay the one buck for developing the film, I've never noticed such a thing, my pictures still costs a lot of money and a lot of work :)

The Flying Dutchman

Ready to paint

Ready to shoot

Now, the only thing I was missing was some smoke so I went online, found and bought this smoke cannon

This smoke cannon works by it's heat up a liquid and blow it out, but the problem with that is that the smoke then immediately rises up to the ceiling, If you instead cools the smoke it falls and remains on the surface, so I needed to build a smoke cooler, the following is a picture of my cooler contraption.

Smoke cooler

How does my "contraption" works: you get water in the outer tube, and put it into the freezer until it is frozen, and then you blow the smoke through the inner tube.

Ghost ship

Now go and have fun!