Photo tips for toy shots

It is not the object that determines whether an image is serious/art or not but your approach to it, allow yourself just as much effort with a toy image as any other image you make. There is no excuse for fuzzy images and poor compositions in toy pictures, it is you who is both choreographer and instructor, and with all the time you need, the objects don't move :)

Tell a story, not with words but with the image, the same as for all other images, it needs a story for it to be appealing and fun.

Take a picture of the imagination, not just some random toys.

Get close, get down and change the angle to find the best point of view "POV" Use shallow depth of field "DOF" in that way you give you viewer the opportunity to participate, fill in the blank.

I hope this will help some. The next Photo tips for toys will be about light.

Have fun :)

Once upon a time

Once upon a time view 1

Once upon a time view 2