From idea to finished picture

Something about ideas

We all have them, lots of them, so there is no difference between you, me, or anyone else in that regard, the difference lies in whether we realize them or not. Do yourself a favor and do it, whatever your ideas are, if you can't realize one of the big ones, for any reason, then take one of the small ones, it might be difficult but you will not regret it.

My biggest dream, is to make a long 3D animated movie and I know I can not do that, I don't have the millions it requires, but perhaps I can make a little stopmotion, so I started getting my feet wet by building these small sets, and sooner or later I will make one and have learned a lot along the way, and who knows what will come of that, by the way there will be no lego in it :)

As some of you may know I have made these picture books and in three of them you follow The small guy around on his adventures and in the last of the three, he is at the Arctic, and in the last pictures I let it all take a turn, so that it now appears that the whole thing has been a movie which he has participated in, and it comes to a break between him and the director, me.

In order to proceed after that my idea was that I needed a Hollywood studio and a trailer, we've all seen how insulted actors go to their trailer, and refuses to come out, in old movies.

Since I could not buy a trailer or a Hollywood studio, I built it, and that's what the following images are about, how the idea/image in my head turns into something tangible.

And what are we going to use that for

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Can I get some paint and a roof over here

Between scenes, enjoying ourselves

How did we ended up being fired

The first step, made a draft of the idea of how I imagined the final image should look like

Pixelfantasies studios 01

Pixelfantasies studios 02

At the trailer factory

The showdown

STOP this is my trailer