Ending in the poorhouse

Just 20 years ago there were many who didn't own a camera or had tried to take a picture, today you must look far to find a person who don't own a camera in one form or another, and many discover what creative tool a camera really is and begin to pursue this outlet of creativity. In the following I imagine that you are that person, the spark is lit and you want to follow this path, so what do you do?

First a warning: If you go after only the concept of being a "Pro Photographer" based only on romantic misunderstandings, it gets expensive very expensive very fast, first you need a loan in the house to get the right long lenses and cameras with the right straps with the right name embroidered in them, and so on, and it will take you nowhere except to the poorhouse. A real photographer on the other hand is that geek you see crawling around in the bushes with a banged up camera, and if you can, then throw him a coin he needs it or better yet buy one of his pictures.


Camera: If you are reading this you probably already have a camera but before you even begin to consider buying a new one, you should ensure that you have out grown what you have, and a simple way to test this is to look online for others who take pictures with the same camera, on flickr for example you can search by camera types, I bet you'll be surprised to see what your camera can really do. Chances are that the camera you use is better than what some of the world's best known photographers ever had.

There will come a time when you will need a new camera, but until then I would guess that what you have will bring you much of the way to get some good pictures, no new expensive camera would guarantee that, it is you that make great pictures not the camera, it is just a tool thats all, like there is no reason for me to buy a Stradivarius, but if I get really good at playing I would love to have one.

What really will help you in your quest to become a good photographer is to take lots and lots of pictures, I mean thousands of images and do your best with every single picture, don't give up and you will get there. Connect to google+ photo community there are thousands of people with the same passion, most friendly people all who will help you on your way if you just ask, alone inspiration from all their pictures will give you a lot, circle some of them and their images will begin to flow in your stream, and before you know it you'll be part of a great community of like minded, but remember you have to give to get.

I hope that what you have gained from this, is that I believe that creativity is far more important than the equipment, and that creativity is not just something you have or are born with, but something you have to work for like with everything else, and this comes from a old guy with almost a lifetime in the industry behind him.

And now go and have some fun, see you on G+