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Welcome to my world

My name is Lars Clausen and I am a graphic designer and photographer, pictures have been my hobby and job in more than 40 years. I live in Svendborg on Funen in Denmark where I have my studio and family.

My father was a graphic designer like me, so I grew up surrounded by opportunities for creative expression, but on a more personal level, he was not a nice guy so our ways parted, promising myself never to return to graphic design again.

The next 10 years I spent on getting electrons to go the right way around in circuits as a electronics technician, building Dragen fighters in Sweden, back to Denmark repairing ship radios at SP in Aalborg before finally ending up at B&O in Skive where my technician days ended.

B&O's head factory in Struer lacked a man in their advertising department, and yes it was full circle, I was back where I started as a graphic designer. After that I started my own company and it's been like that since.

This was the short version of About Me and believe me it is the one you want.

There are many self-declared experts out there, I'm not an expert, I'm not sure I know what an expert is, I'm just an old guy who will share my experience with you because I can't help it.

Lars Clausen


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